What is Azure Advisor?

Built into every Azure Subscription and offered as a free service is Azure Advisor. Helpful without being too intrusive, it can be beneficial to many who use Azure.

So, what is it? It’s a personalised recommendation service. It gives you quick and simple insights into your deployments and where they could be optimised. There are four main areas of analysis completed:

  1. High Availability
  2. Performance
  3. Security
  4. Cost

Azure Advisor gives you a central point to analyse all of your deployments for best-practise optimisation. It pulls in recommendations from other services like Security Center to offer a comprehensive view.

Azure Advisor dashboard

You can tweak some of the recommendations that are presented. You can also tighten the scope of recommendations too, for more granular data. Docs has a handy guide explaining how to do that in detail. I will walktrough an example below.

To scope Azure Advisor to only display recommendations for specific resources, it’s a simple change to the configuration settings.

  1. Open Azure Advisor
  2. Click Configuration under the Settings section
  3. You can now choose your scope relative to Azure Subscriptions and which Resource Groups you want to include.
  4. To remove resources from the scope, simply untick the relative box and click Apply

While the service itself is free, always be aware that some recommended optimisations could require a higher spend, such as a performance increase.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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