10.51AM - Hi
11.05AM - Are you there?

While chat/IM distractions may seem like something trivial in todays world, it can really impact on your planned work, and general focus capability.

The concept of “nohello” is very simple:

  • Do not send just “hello” or “hi” etc.
  • Do not wait long periods of time between IMs
  • Be clear, succinct, and polite.
  • Include the entire purpose for your IM
09.04AM - Good morning, I am working on Project A for Client X. I have encountered an issue when trying to modify a Route Table attached within VNET5. I see that you are listed as the Solution Architect for the initial design and build. Would you be able to spare some time today to answer some questions please? 

An IM is an immediate distraction to what someone is working on. However, they are entirely necessary in today’s world. So with a little effort, we can make those distractions more useful and all work together more efficiently!

Feel free to set this page as your status in Teams etc. to highlight this ask to your colleagues 🙂