Achievement Unlocked: Azure Hero

Recently, Microsoft announced a new recognition program for those contributing to the Azure community named “Azure Heroes”. Which they describe as “A new and fun way to earn digital collectibles for meaningful impact in the technical community.”

Built via collaboration with Enjin, Azure Heroes is a blockchain based recognition program. There are several categories that have been created and are represented by digital “badgers”. These are tokenised into a digital asset on the Ethereum public blockchain.

The current categories are below:

  • Inclusive Leader (limited to 100)
  • Content Hero (limited to 250)
  • Community Hero (limited to 550)
  • Mentor (limited to 800)
  • Maker (limited to 10k)

You can read the full details of the badgers here –

Last week, I was delighted to receive the Content Hero badger! You can view the asset here

If you feel someone you follow, or you yourself deserve a badger, get nominating! You can do it via a simple form here

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