AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure (beta) – Study Guide

Microsoft continues to expand it’s specialty exams and next on the list is AZ-140. This exam is brand new and should be available in March 2021. Here is what Microsoft have to say about it:

Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Azure administrators with subject matter expertise in
planning, delivering, and managing virtual desktop experiences and remote apps, for any device,
on Azure.

Responsibilities for this role include deploying virtual desktop experiences and apps to Azure.
Professionals in this role deliver applications on Windows Virtual Desktop and optimize them to
run in multi-session virtual environments. To deliver these experiences, they work closely with
the Azure administrators and architects, along with Microsoft 365 Administrators.

Candidates for this exam should have experience in Azure technologies, including virtualization,
networking, identity, storage, backups, resilience, and disaster recovery. They should understand
on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure technologies as they relate to migrating to Windows
Virtual Desktop. These professionals use the Azure portal and Azure Resource Manager
templates to accomplish many tasks. This role may use PowerShell and Azure Command-Line
Interface (CLI) for more efficient automation.

Candidates for this exam must have expert Azure administration skill

As the exam will launch in beta, if you take it, it will not be scored immediately. So bear that in mind before you sit it! Of course, if you pass the exam, once scored, it will count towards a new specialty certification – Microsoft Certified: Windows Virtual Desktop Specialty

As always, a great place to start is Microsoft Learn. There are several interactive learning modules specifically for WVD that are free that you can work through at your own pace. I find this a great way to study and gain greater understanding of the services by actually using them and you will need to be very familiar with Azure to pass this exam.

Below I’ve put together a collection of links relevant to the sections Microsoft have highlighted as being part of the skills measured for this exam. These are only guide links, sometimes you need to explore a topic much more deeply if you are not familiar with it. Hopefully these study materials will help guide you to successfully passing AZ-140!

Plan a Windows Virtual Desktop Architecture (10-15%)

Design the Windows Virtual Desktop architecture

Design for user identities and profiles

Implement a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (25-30%)

Implement and manage networking for Windows Virtual Desktop

Implement and manage storage for Windows Virtual Desktop

Create and configure host pools and session hosts

Create and manage session host images

Manage Access and Security (10-15%)

Manage access

Manage security

Manage User Environments and Apps (20-25%)

Implement and manage FSLogix

Configure user experience settings

Install and configure apps on a session host

Monitor and Maintain a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (20-25%)

Plan and implement business continuity and disaster recovery

Automate Windows Virtual Desktop management tasks

Monitor and manage performance and health

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